Company profile

"KESSIN" Ltd. designs and produces non-standart machines and equipment, the features and functions of which depend on clients' needs and requests


The company specializes in:


  • CNC gas and plasma cutting of sheet material
  • CNC controlled pipe-cutting machines
  • Laser cutting machines
  • Shot blasting lines for sheet and shaped steel
  • Shot blasting cameras for details cleaning
  • Lines for robot welding of steel beams
  • Special-purpose robot manipulators
  • Specialized industrial robots
  • Welding robots
  • Sheet metal splitting disc cutters
  • Granite and marble processing machines
  • Mobile concrets plants
  • Special-purpose hoisting equipment (freight elevators)
  • CNC cross table machines
  • Concrete elements plants
  • Bandsawing machines
  • Air duct bent-producing machines
  • CNC controlled machine centres
  • Building mortar blenders
  • Other machines by client request


Every machine has a standard 18 month warranty

The producer provides after-warranty support for all of the machines